Everybody knows about the term 'Exhibition', which mostly related to student and school. In Holy Queen , conducting different types of exhibitions related to subject and non-subjects. In our school life, we too participated many kind of exhibitions, to exhibit talent in any specific field. We are sharing some of the benefits from 'Exhibitions in schools'

Benefits of Exhibition:

Before exhibition, subject teachers finds out or choose their best students to exhibits something different to others. In addition, teachers give their selected students a short list of contents, which they can study, create a subject, & design the exhibit. At this time, the teacher-student interaction increases; where teacher understand the knowledge of student and students too understand their teacher's quality and interest, vise verse.

While preparing for exhibition, students are in happy mood in thought of participating and showing their friends a new thing different from others. Their inner core develops while doing some creativity act in this stage.

At the time of exhibition, every student feels happy and enthusiastic, which we never find in other competitions. This is because, art, games or music are not fond for every student; everyone do not like everything. However, in exhibition, participants were keen to show their content and non-participants were willing to know about various subjects, and gain some knowledge on different subjects.