Club Activities

The Holy queen is planning to bring the following club activities from the academic year 2018-2019.

Photography Club

Holy queen Photography Club is planning to bring a society that promotes the interest on Photography. Photography Club is for any photography enthusiastic, never mind if you don\'t have a Digital SLR or Manual SLR too only the love for the art form is important.

Animation Club

The club will provide a platform to those who wish to explore the world of animation. The club activities will involve development of 3D models using various software’s, making of short animated films (both 2D and 3D). At our animation club we are planning to use flip animation, Pixilation, paper animation and Plasticene modelling to create the short pieces of animation and free animation programs so that the children can develop their skills at school.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Life is an adventure. Leave your everyday surroundings behind and step into nature. We connect you to the outdoors through exercise and recreation. You and our expert guides will journey through majestic forests, along scenic waterways, and over pristine mountains. Whether it's a backpacking, hiking, or camping trip, we'll create an epic adventure for you and lasting memories.

Housekeeping Club

The club aims to teach students to develop skills in needlework, knitting and home management as well as plan, prepare and serve nutritious meals in a hygienic and aesthetic manner. They will learn to administer First Aid and basic home remedies for injuries and illnesses.

Story Box Club

Languages are brilliant. They can improve our career prospects, help us make new friends all over the world and have a whole host of cognitive benefits. So it’s really no surprise that many parents want to give their children the gift of a second language.

But making that a reality can be tricky. How do you help your child learn another language when you don’t speak one yourself? When do you find the time to do it? What do you do if your children don’t enjoy any of the resources you buy?

That’s why we created the story Box club, the unique approach at the heart of all of our story boxes that allows us to create books that start in English and end in a different language.

Cooking Club

A cooking club will provide you with the outlet to share, love to talk and think all about food with people who have the exact same passion. No more need to talk endlessly about the intricacies of food to a bewildered parent or friends; use the club to get this out of your system.

Film Club

Film clubs provide young people with a rare opportunity to be part of something fun, creative and sociable. A film club, like a reading group, is an intimate and informal gathering where people can encounter ideas, experiences and emotions that may not be everyday topics of discussion but which shape all our lives. A film club is one way that a school can help children to feel a part of something, not apart from everything. Inclusion is a central aim of many teachers’ film clubs to see that it can make children more emotionally receptive to learning.

Interactive Club

The interactive Club aims to promote the use of English and to provide pupils with opportunities to use English purposefully. Its activities are pupil-centred and often involve pupils’ participation in external competitions, making the learning experience fun, dynamic and authentic.

Business Club

To groom future leaders of the technology industry, to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and to facilitate the development of skill sets that will enable members from all industries to make a seamless transition into a wide array of roles in technology.

Innovators Club

Innovation is all about converting ideas into new or improved products, processes and services. It is about taking inventions to marketplace. It is a process that translates knowledge into products & services for economic growth and social well being. It emphasizes a series of scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial activities. Innovation Clubs in holy queen would help to engage students in innovative and creative activities apart from providing opportunities for Hands-on activities. This would be developed as part of the effort of the curriculum to nurture a culture of Creativity and Innovation amongst school children from an early age.